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Steve Balich Conservative Activist

The Republicans took of the House with with a mandate to stop Obamacare funding. They did not even try; as I now see the Democrats stopping the wall with control of only the House. Republicans were told we need the Senate to get the job done, and that was not enough. Then we were told we need the Presidency and despite the efforts of President Trump the 2 faced people we elected in the House and Senate would not get it done.

Democrats in the House refuse to fund building the wall and do everything in their power to stop it. Democrats, with the help of their loyal media have actually using their interpretation of the Constitution allowed for political correctness to be the unwritten law of the land with the media as judge and jury in the court of public opinion. The majority is now not as important as the minority. Human nature, morality, and sexuality are now judged in this messed up system designed to destroy the traditions, morals, culture, and religious beliefs. History can be destroyed because it offends some people to know what people did in the past. Men must be more feminine, and safe spaces with animals to comfort our children become necessary in a world they find harshness in words, pictures, statues, or aggressive actions.

Now we have the citizens of Poland telling their elected officials not to take in even 1 refugee or illegal. Our Citizens are ruled by a band of merry men taking as much of our money (taxes) as they can to grow the size of government. They care very little about the citizens in general. They are the SWAMP getting money and power at our expense. They despise Trump who wants to stop the cost of Illegal Immigration and un-vetted refugees in respect to draining tax dollars, jobs, and numerous items from education, Drugs, health, to crime. Trump finds Sanctuary Cities an appalling attempts to ignore the law. Poland’s elected officials get it! I am sure there is no catch and release policy in Poland because the illegals and un vetted refugees are not allowed there. I am sure those who should not be there don’t have more rights and privileges than their own citizens.