The Migrant Caravan Invasion?


The current caravan at our borders it’s not necessarily a new phenomenon. Year in, and year out, we have scores of migrants show up at our borders to either enter the country illegally or to apply for asylum. This particular caravan that’s dominating national news in 2018 is unique. The massive numbers coming from Honduras and Venezuela have spurred outcry from none other than Mexican citizens! The mexican citenzry does not want these people in their country and are crying out for them to leave. They don’t want to provide assistance to them and want them to go back home. The caravan seems to be financed by an agitator, and they don’t want to accept anything but crossing into the U.S. that goal makes it seems as of someone induced them to carry out such a mission. It also opens the question of whether we should take a hard look a refugees, migrants, etc. As a whole. We will explore that topic at a later date.