Kelly Muscalino: Who is Devour The Day?
Blake Allison: Blake Allison, Joey Walser, David Hoffman, and Ronnie Farris
Kelly Muscalino: So you just released S.O.A.R. What was the process of creating the album like?
Blake Allison: It was a long but vindicating achievement. We’re very proud of it. It was a lot of work but we believe it to be our best work.
Kelly Muscalino: How much time did it take to create your new album?
Blake Allison: A few months. We off and on toured through the making of it, but a couple months total I believe.
Kelly Muscalino: What was it like to tour with Hinder?
Blake Allison: Fun. Those guys are long time friends and we very much enjoy the shows.
Kelly Muscalino: So you all formed in 2012? How did you come together as Devour The Day? Who initialized the process?
Blake Allison: Joey and I were writing just to write and realized we had a new project in our hands. So we looked for new band members after we finished the record and we were off.
Kelly Muscalino: What was the first practice like that you ever did as a team?
Blake Allison: It was exciting because we haven’t played any of these songs before. We ran through the set and were relived we didn’t suck. (lol)
Kelly Muscalino: What plans do you all have for 2016? 
Blake Allison: Touring.
Devour Day
Devour Day

Kelly Muscalino: We all have obstacles in our lives. What were some of the Obstacles that you had to overcome as a band?

Blake Allison: In rock there are nothing but obstacles everywhere in every direction. So you have to be passionate about the music or quit.
Kelly Muscalino: What is the most successful song you have created to date? 
Blake Allison: Goodman
Kelly Muscalino: To each of us music has a different meaning. What does music mean to you?
Blake Allison: It is a way of life and still my first love.

Kelly Muscalino: Who inspires you all?

Blake Allison: People that bravely go in their own direction.
Kelly Muscalino: What all styles did you grow up on? How did the music of your youth inspire your creations? 

Blake Allison: 90’s rock. It inspires me to remember what music did for me in my youth.
Kelly Muscalino: Your song good man has nearly 3,000,000 hit. How does that make you feel?
Blake Allison: Great. I’m humbled by it. 
Kelly Muscalino: What was your favorite show you have done to date?

Blake Allison: Carolina Rebellion
Devour Day
Devour Day

Kelly Muscalino: Who is your favorite band you have played with to date?

Blake Allison: I have so many favorites, its hard to choose. Like picking your favorite child. You can’t. But if i have to pick the top, I’d say Korn, Rob Zombie, Disturbed, Joan Jet, A Day to Remember, Hinder, Candlebox, and just about everyone else we’ve played with.
Kelly Muscalino: What would you say to young musicians looking to get into the industry?
Blake Allison: Find a way to record and produce your own music.
Kelly Muscalino: Do you have anything you would like to say to your fans?
Blake Allison: Thank you for all the love and support. We have a new record called S.O.A.R. out now!
Kelly Muscalino: Where can fans find your music?

Blake Allison: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and everywhere else.