With election day right around the corner the ad’s are lighting up. Bruce Rauner and JB Pritzker are spending a ton of money! Pritzker is spending an apparent $200,000 a day and Rauner is spending a reported $88,000 a day. One can only dream to have a pocket book that allows for spending like that.

With one of the largest ever seen spending totals in a state wide political race, its almost gut wrenching to see the crazy amount of time and effort being spent; and all of the turn over that’s happening. It almost seems JB Pritzker is so determined to win that he would buy the party. With millions going out in donations, this is a tough battle for him and his crew as they try to buy back the reputation of a man once know for trying to help sell former president Obama’s Senate seat. Meanwhile Rauner seeks redemption with the Republican party.

The Governor’s race is one for the history books. With Rauner’s total campaign funds at $77,128,241.50 and  Pritzker’s campaign total a whopping $107,248,161.89, this race is well beyond the norm. The 2018 elections are massively important due to the redistricting in Illinois this next year. This is the first time in many years that the Republicans will have a chance to stop the Democrats from controlling the redistricting. With a loss of population Illinois is currently looking at the possibility of loosing 2 congressional seats. That among other things can help to explain the excessive spending of nearly a quarter billion dollars.

The redistricting left in the Democrats hands would surely clean out the Republican districts almost immediately. It will be a battle until the end here in Illinois for this seat! We will keep you up to date on all that happens!