Dangerous Vurus
A virus can be very pesky and very dangerous

Malware, more commonly referred to as a “virus,” comes in many forms. Those forms usually appear as a nusisance or a pesky issue that doesn’t seem as intrusive as one might think. However, even the most simple cookie could be very dangerous to the end user. Tracking is a method to size up a potential victim for a future attack. When a computer is running slow or behaving in a way that is not normal (pop ups, redirects, etc.) it should always be taken serious. The key is preventative maintenance. Always have a professional IT technician not ensure that your computer is safe, but that you have software in place to make it safe. There are usually a local computer stores in your area. Lool them up online and ask there advice. There are many options available in the Joliet area. Check out Casanova Information Services or Velocita.