Jim Dodge Calls Out Mike Frerichs on His Own Campaign Materials and Frerichs Stumbles

As the season progresses we shall see exactly what happens. One of the most surprising races this season is that between Democrat State Treasurer Mike Frerichs and Republican Candidate Jim Dodge. Dodge, who is at a financial disadvantage having raised only $112,855.97 to Frerich’s $1,466,942.48, has, in recent days, turned the the tables.

Using Frerichs’ own math against him, Jim Dodge has called Frerichs out on reducing the comptrollers office saving taxpayers almost $24 Million. Frerich caught himself tripping over his own campaign materials scrambling to get back to a stable answer that puts him in the same playing field as Dodge in the treasures race.

With this issue being covered in the media it has dealt a hard shot to the reputation of Frerichs and his campaign. It seems the underdog is well on his way to giving Frerichs a run for his money. Frerichs has spent the majority of his campaign funds thus far on high priced consultants and we can only assume with this type of spending they would have reduced the fumbles.